Le Phare Enfants et Familles: du répit et de l'accompagnement

A ring sling to give back to the community

At Gustine, family is an essential value. We have therefore decided in the coming months to get involved with different organizations in the field of children and families. 👶👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Having visited some of these establishments or organizations several times, it is astonishing to what extent they change the lives of children but also of their parents in their daily lives.

Whether for research, home care assistance, accommodation, psychological or financial support or moments of respite, each of these organizations all have a reason for existing and literally CHANGE people's lives.

In order to also make a difference, we have chosen the Gustine Ring Sling as a product to give back. Thus, with each purchase of a selected Ring Sling, Gustine will donate $40 to various foundations or organizations in a different color and organization each month!

We are lucky to be able to count on a real community of babywearing enthusiasts and lovers of life to make a real gesture. Most of us are lucky enough to have healthy children who make us smile about life. Let us be supportive and generous towards mothers, fathers and children who, for various reasons, have a somewhat tumultuous life than us.

Stay tuned in the coming days for the presentation of the first organization with which we will collaborate!


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