Gustine, these are baby carriers handcrafted right here in Canada. Our premium products are developed to create strong parental ties with each baby carried in a Gustine.


Gustine baby carriers are developed to be beautiful, comfortable and functional. We believe that the combination of our simplistic design and high quality fabrics make Gustine baby carriers unique on the market.

Known for the softness of our Jacquard woven fabrics, the overall lightness of our baby carriers, the unique comfort of our shoulder straps and the soft texture of our belt, the Gustine preformed baby carrier quickly stood out from other products on the market.


By hiring local moms and dads, we support the local economy, ideas and other local businesses.

Furthermore, responsible selling is our focus. One baby carrier at a time, we care about the process of manufacturing comfortable, simple and high quality baby carriers.

We use 100% natural textiles without harmful dyes. All Gustine Babycarriers products are tested and certified ASTM F2236-16 and Oeko-Tex 1 fabrics.

Every step of the manufacturing process up to delivery is aimed at minimizing our ecological footprint in order to offer the children of future generations a land that is always pleasant to live on.