Babywearing, at the heart of Gustine’s story!


Gustine was founded in 2016 by a mother who wanted to carry her children, but couldn't find THE perfect baby carrier to meet her needs. This mother's goal was to support families in their babywearing experience throughout the first years of their children's lives. Since that time, Gustine's mission has quietly evolved. 

Our mission 

Our mission begins even before the child is born. We want to support families in parenthood, from maternity to the early years of their children. 

Particularly through portage which has been at the heart of Gustine’s history since 2016! Our company manufactures several products, such as high-quality, easy-to-use baby carriers to allow families to continue their lifestyle with their children by their side. 

Gustine grows every year by offering more maternity and babywearing products and more and more children's products. Products that we design here in Quebec and which meet the needs of young families around the world. 

Our vision

Encourage all parents to create a strong bond of attachment with their children from maternity to their children's early years.

Especially by making babywearing accessible to all by spreading the benefits of this practice so that all families can enjoy it and create wonderful memories. 


Within our company, we are happy to promote the side HUMAN both among our employees and among our customers. It is important for us to work with respect, openness and kindness and this is what we put forward.

The FAMILY is also a very important value for Gustine. We put this value at the forefront in our daily mission through our products and our customer service, but also through our corporate culture. We offer all our employees the opportunity to reconcile work and family through flexible hours. 

The TEAMWORK is at the heart of the proper functioning of our company. We all work together to ensure the happiness of our customers and the sustainability of our business. 

Our team

Gustine is a Quebec company, located in Longueuil. Our team is made up of more than 10 different nationalities. Providing good working conditions and a chance for integration to new arrivals are priorities for the company. Our team is our second family! All our products are designed directly in our workshop on the South Shore of Montreal. All our employees work in a very pleasant working environment and put a lot of love into each step of making our products. For us, our employees are collaborators who have at heart the satisfaction and well-being of our customers, young and old.

Confection - Certifications

Gustine is also a company that has a strong environmental conscience. It is important that each step of the manufacturing process, until delivery, aims to minimize our ecological footprint in order to offer the children of future generations a healthy environment. 

Responsible purchasing is our point of honor. One baby carrier at a time, we care about the environmental footprint of the manufacturing process of all our products.

We use textiles 100% natural and without harmful dyes. All Gustine products are tested and certified ASTM F2236-16 and Oeko-Tex 1 fabrics.