cadeaux de noel pour la famille

9 Quebec gift ideas for the whole family!

Christmas is fast approaching and the gift frenzy is becoming more and more evident. Gustine Baby has put together a selection of innovative and warm products that will delight everyone, young or old. Discover gift ideas for new moms, new parents and children ages 0 to 6. 

Gift ideas for the new or future mother

The 3 in 1 winter coat - 284$
Gustine Baby's 3-in-1 babywearing coat is much more than just winter clothing. It is a warm and comfortable companion that evolves with the mother, from the start of pregnancy to the moments of carrying the baby. This coat can be used for many years, in addition to being a maternity and babywearing coat, it can be worn without the extender to be used as a regular coat. Check out the 3 in 1 Winter Coat here.
Designed in Quebec, this coat has exceptional characteristics:
  • Adjustable extension for children of different sizes.
  • Can be used before, during and after pregnancy, with or without a baby carrier.
  • Waterproof and lined with two layers of fleece for optimal warmth.
  • Soft fabric allowing freedom of movement.
  • Feminine cut to combine style and practicality.


manteau d'hiver 3 en 1

The Cocooning Bundle - 154$
The Gustine Baby Cocooning Bundle is the ideal gift to warm up the new mother and her baby. Save $15 by choosing the Bundle which contains the carrying cape, the set of toques (adult and baby), and the evolving leg warmers for baby. This bundle offers enveloping warmth and is perfect for cozy days with the family. Discover the Cocooning Bundle here.
bundle cocooning

The Essential fanny pack - 35$
For a mother who is always ready for anything, the Gustine Baby L'Indispensable fanny pack is the ideal companion. Versatile and stylish, this little bag can be worn in multiple ways, whether on the waist, under the arm, on a baby carrier or on the hip. It's the ultimate accessory, allowing you to have everything mom and baby might need quickly within reach. Pair it with our Cocooning Bundle for a practical and perfect set. Discover L’Indispensable here.
sac banane

Gift Ideas for New Parents

Baby carrier | Lin - 239$
Offer new parents comfort and versatility with our linen baby carrier. It is an evolving baby carrier that will grow with the child. It can be used from 8lb up to 45lb.
Thermoregulating, this baby carrier is cool in summer and retains heat in winter. Made with a natural, resistant and breathable fabric, it offers three carrying positions: front, back and hip. Strengthen the parent-child bond while providing an exceptional carrying experience. Discover the linen baby carrier here.
porte-bébé évolutif

Mk baby 2 and 1 - 99$
The MK-BABY 2 in 1 from Gustine Baby is a pre-tied sling ideal for newborns and skin-to-skin use. Easy to use, it offers two carrying positions, sling style and Ring Sling style. Perfect from 8 lbs to 22 lbs or around 8-9 months, it provides the benefits of the stretchy sling with increased speed of execution. Provide new parents with a convenient and secure babywearing experience. You won't have to choose a size, because the Mk Baby 2 in 1 is one size XS-XXXL! Discover the Mk Baby 2 in 1 here.
mk baby 2 en 1

A gift card - $50 to $200
If you prefer to give new parents the choice, offer them a Gustine Baby gift card. This way, they will be able to select the products that best meet their needs and preferences. Give a gift card for Christmas here.

Gift ideas for children 0-6 years old

Poncho cover | 3 in 1 - 175$
The Gustine Baby 3 in 1 Poncho Cover is a multifunctional product ideal for warming little ones all winter long. Waterproof and designed to go down to -15°C, it transforms into a poncho from the age of 2. With unique features like a removable hood, a zipper for easy installation, and ties to wear over a baby carrier, this poncho cover is a must-have. It is a transport cover (shell, car seat, stroller, sled, etc!), a carrying cover and a poncho. Discover the 3 in 1 Poncho Cover here.
housse poncho 3 en 1

Doll carrier - 40$
Stimulate children's imagination with our Gustine Baby doll carrier. A baby carrier designed especially for children so that they can carry their stuffed animal like their parents carry their little brother or sister. Strengthen the child's confidence by giving him a toy that imitates the caring gestures of adults. Check out the doll carrier here.

The waterproof cape - 114$
Our waterproof children's capes from Gustine Baby are perfect for cool days, car rides, and even going to school. They offer waterproofing and softness thanks to the fleece lining. They are very practical for children who are difficult to dress! Discover the waterproof cape here.
cape imperméable

    By offering Gustine Baby gifts, you offer much more than products; you offer warm moments and unforgettable memories. Make this Christmas a special celebration for the new moms, new parents and little ones in your life. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the entire Gustine Baby team!


    Psssst... Of course, these products are just as perfect to give as a gift 365 days a year! 

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