Comment un porte-bébé aide les habiletés sociales de l'enfant?

How does a baby carrier help a child's social skills?

The baby carrier is a great tool for developing the child's social skills.

Those who have been carrying for a while have sooner or later received this type of comment from those around them: “Your child is going to be wild and antisocial from carrying him.”

At those times, I just want to laugh! Those who have already met my child, Alexia, know that she is far from “wild”!

My daughter’s story is no different from thousands of other children. When she was little, she had a greater need for security as well as a great need for her mother.

So I wore it regularly and WE loved it. Contrary to certain preconceived ideas in our culture, she developed her social skills and opened up to the world thanks to my baby carrier.

While carrying, my baby discovered others, his environment and social relationships with a great feeling of confidence and security. Alexia had access to things that only adults see through faces.

She saw the facial expressions during my discussions and the tone of the conversation. She participated more and more easily in the discussions, while having this close, reassuring proximity to me. 

When she sleeps in a carry, she is so cute! I know she senses and senses my feelings when I chat with someone. Little by little, as she grows up, she discovers social relationships, the rules of politeness, listening and the basics of communication. In short, she acquired the assurance and confidence allowing her to reach out to others quite naturally!

Concretely, the observation is quite different from certain ideas conveyed. You will quickly discover that a baby is rather sociable and calm in your Gustine baby carrier!

We have chosen to introduce you to the top 10 of the greatest benefits of carrying with a baby carrier. 

Comment un porte-bébé aide les habiletés sociales de l'enfant?

What social skills are improved through babywearing?

Saying hello, sharing, collaborating, managing emotions and making requests correctly are social skills that your child must develop to get along well with others.

Thanks to the collaboration with Natalia, I offer you 10 social skills that carrying (with a Gustine baby carrier!) develops in children.

Saying “Hello” (by speaking or waving)

The first step towards others is to say “Hello”!

The baby carrier allows the child to meet a multitude of people. These will tend to communicate with the child (they are so cute!).

The child develops the reflex of greeting people he meets, particularly if he is encouraged and congratulated to do so.

Develop your initiative and confidence

Thanks to the baby carrier, the people you meet are often within easy reach of the young child. Secured by its wearer, it can easily touch these people and grab objects.

Thus, his fear of the “stranger” diminishes, because he feels safe near the wearer. In addition, “affected” people generally have a positive attitude towards this situation. This boosts his confidence.

Comment un porte-bébé aide les habiletés sociales de l'enfant?

Recognize negative and positive emotions

When using a baby carrier, you can experience the full range of emotions. A phone call or meeting can make us happy, sad, angry, worried, nervous, anxious, upset, impatient and many other feelings!

The child being carried experiences your feelings more intensely. Contact with your skin, the beat of your heart, the tone of your voice and the nature of your movements reinforce its recognition of your emotions and emotions in general.

Expand the family circle

The baby carrier is a form of reward for the baby. 

Carrying with a child allows you to develop bonds with them. Grandparents, friends and those close to them benefit from babywearing, because the child will more easily adopt a carrier.

This enlarges his circle and improves his sociability.

Follow simple rules

The proximity that a baby carrier allows you to interact immediately with a child. There is therefore no delay in an action (or lack of reaction) and a reaction on your part.

By imposing simple rules like saying hello, we can more easily reinforce the message, because there is no delay.

Moreover, corrective or positive feedback accelerates the acquisition of social skills.

Comment un porte-bébé aide les habiletés sociales de l'enfant?

Develop language through listening

Carrying allows you to talk more to your baby in addition to putting him or her in closer contact with various conversations.

This close contact with language helps them develop their understanding and vocabulary.

As he develops, he will want to intervene in your conversations... even if he doesn't know how to speak yet! 

On the other hand, as he is close to his parent's face, the child can clearly see the movement of the lips when his parent speaks. Which has a positive effect on language stimulation.

Follow a pattern of behavior

Your child is sensitive to what you do. You are his first role model.

When you use a baby carrier, the child experiences your reactions to various situations with you. It develops here by a kind of osmosis

Overcome your shyness

Millions of children are shy. Reaching out to others is not a natural reflex at the start of life!

The security offered by carrying makes it easier to interact with the people you meet. Knowing that he is completely safe, it is easier for him to approach others and thus overcome his shyness.

Comment un porte-bébé aide les habiletés sociales de l'enfant?

Increase the level of attention

Things happen when a child is in their baby carrier!

Everything moves, everything is new, everything is stimulating (until he falls asleep!).

The proximity of the parent during carrying would increase the baby's attention level and encourage him to explore.

In these times when television and videos display shots at the speed of machine gun fire, it is good to know that the baby has a chance to get off to a good start in this important social skill of attention.

Make specific requests orally

Back carrying has certain advantages. One of these is that the child must clearly express his needs and expectations using his voice alone.

In fact, he can no longer use gestures to express himself. 

The baby carrier, in addition to allowing the child better development of his sense of balance , forces him to communicate more effectively.

10 social skills developed in children thanks to babywearing

  1. Saying “Hello” (by speaking or waving)
  2. Develop your initiative and confidence
  3. Recognize negative and positive emotions
  4. Expand the family circle
  5. Follow simple rules
  6. Develop language through listening
  7. Follow a pattern of behavior
  8. Overcome your shyness
  9. Increase the level of attention
  10. Make specific requests orally

As you see, a baby carrier is an incomparable tool for child development and a magical way to create bonds.

The author

Comment un porte-bébé aide les habiletés sociales de l'enfant?

Natalia Mejia is the owner and manager of Gustine baby carriers Inc. and Couture Porte-Bonheur Inc.

In addition to a diploma as a fashion designer - textile designer, she studied Human Resources Management and work methodology.

Natalia is very close to her customers and attaches great importance to the quality and safety of her baby carriers.

In order to make the best possible baby carriers for both the wearer and the baby, she obtains information and consults specialists. Their goal is to make the best baby carriers available.

Have you noticed any other social skills that should have been named?

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