Raconter le portage: Mes coups de coeur lecture!

Telling the story of the portage: My reading favorites!

If there is one moment that I love with my daughter it is reading before bed; it’s become a real ritual here! 💕📖

Since our little one was around 1 year old, every evening we read her 1 to 2 books before she fell into the arms of Morpheus.

Being the good babywearing enthusiast that I am, I was interested in children's books that deal with this subject.

To my surprise, I found a lot more books than I expected. So here is a little list of my favorites!

A great way to share your passion for babywearing with your children! 🙂


Good reading !!


Baby carriers by Sylvie Misslin and Géraldine Cosneau from Amaterra Editions
Nicolas, the baby Koala of Jeanne Hélène and Correct Anne
Katy No-Pocket Emmy Payne et H.A. Rey
COLORING my baby wearing life par Gioia Albano MotherArt


The last suggestion is not a reading book, but rather a coloring book which I find MAGNIFICENT!! 

And you, what are your reading suggestions for our minis?

Any suggestions to share with us??

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