Quand faire le saut de la taille bébé à jeune enfant?

When to make the jump from baby to toddler size?

One of the recurring questions that babywearing parents ask me is: when and why change from baby size to young child size?

First of all, the baby and toddler sizes can both support a weight of 45lbs. They have even been tested with a weight above 135 lbs, so it's not a question of weight... rather of ergonomics!

The advantages of carrying, particularly in certain situations, do not need additional arguments regarding the idea of ​​continuing to carry even if your last one has started walking!


Before moving from baby size to young child size, one criterion remains essential: the seat of a preformed must offer “M” shaped seat support. Concretely, your child's pelvis must be below the knees.
(see photo below)

Secondly, when your child is wearing a pant size 2T and above, it is very likely that it is time to come take a look in the section “Young child” from our website!


We often talk about the comfort of the child, respecting their body shape, but know that the RIGHT size will ensure that YOU will be more comfortable just as much as your child. The reason is simple; a good-sized baby carrier better distributes your child's weight on your shoulders and hips, because it will fit their body shape perfectly!

Yes, around the age of 1, your child knows how to walk, but in the summer season, particularly during long days, hikes, festivals and other outings, we both quickly get bored of this lifestyle!

Come on Hop, in the Gustine!


Natalia Meija

Natalia Mejia is the owner and manager of Gustine baby carriers Inc. and Couture Porte-Bonheur Inc.

In addition to a diploma as a fashion designer - textile designer, she studied Human Resources Management and work methodology.

Natalia is very close to her customers and attaches great importance to the quality and safety of her baby carriers.

In order to make the best possible baby carriers for both the wearer and the baby, she obtains information and consults specialists. Their goal is to make the best baby carriers available.

Cassandre Mercier-Mathurin

Cassandre Mercier-Mathurin has a degree in fashion marketing. She works in marketing at Gustine.
Cassandre enjoys helping others, both clients and colleagues. Responding to and satisfying customer needs are great sources of motivation. Efficiency, resourcefulness, initiative, creativity, team spirit are words that describe her well.

The field of purchasing, sales, marketing and content creation are her favorites in the fashion world. Always on the lookout for new trends, she is interested in anything that could improve the happiness of babies.

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