Les bienfaits du portage.

The benefits of carrying.

For many parents, babywearing is above all a practical tool to free their hands. This is, in fact, a significant advantage of portage. But carrying your child using a baby carrier has many other benefits and advantages, both for the child and for the parents who carry them close to their hearts.


Carrying your child has positive repercussions on their development, on their perception of the world and on the parent/child bond. 

Among others! Because when talking with surrogate parents, it is certain that they will tell you a very long list of the advantages of their passion! We have chosen to introduce you to the top 4 greatest benefits of babywearing. 

The list was long, but here are the main benefits of carrying your baby:

  1. Carrying facilitates the creation of an attachment bond.

Carrying is like a long hug. It increases the production of oxytocin, the love hormone. This hormone provides a feeling of well-being! We therefore have a more relaxed parent, more attentive to the needs of their child. Carrying therefore helps to quickly fill a need, thanks to close interaction. It thus creates a solid bond of trust. 

Portage is therefore beautiful quality moments, to develop a strong bond of attachment between the child and his parent. 

 2. Carrying promotes sleep

Sleep is essential for the good growth of a child and we will not hide the fact that it is beneficial for the mental health of the parent, too! So what could be better than falling asleep cradled against the heart of one of your parents, taking full advantage of their warmth to take a nice nap. 

This proximity and the continuous movement, similar to rocking, are two elements that form a perfect combination to secure a little one! This gentle comfort also helps reduce crying episodes in babies.

Really important benefits for the baby, but also for the parent! 

3. Carrying stimulates its development

Carrying is beneficial for the child's muscular and cognitive development. Indeed, proximity to their parent awakens curiosity in the child about what surrounds them. He thus takes a new look at his environment, which offers him several new sensory stimulations: smells, colors, sounds, just the wind on his face or the sun warming him make him discover new horizons.

Also, as he is close to his parent's face, the child can clearly see the movement of the lips when his parent speaks. Which has a positive effect on language stimulation. 

Also, the vertical position used to carry your child helps to strengthen the muscles of the child's trunk, back and neck.

Still lots of positives for portage!  

4. Babywearing provides a feeling of freedom 

The practical side of carrying is impossible to ignore! Carrying allows you to take care of your baby, while having your hands available to take care of older children or to carry out different daily tasks and activities. In addition, carrying allows lighter outings without having to carry the stroller (although it can be very practical for storing shopping bags or baby toys:) ). 

Also, a good baby carrier which effectively distributes the baby's weight helps greatly with the parent's comfort. Comfort is very important to feel good when carrying your baby. And being free from the pain caused by a day of having baby in our arms is a significant aspect! 

In summary, a baby carrier is a magnificent tool that accompanies us as parents.

Its use is very practical for us as parents, but also brings us many unsuspected benefits, such as better sleep for the infant, a fostered feeling of attachment, increased sensory and motor development, and great freedom for the parents. It also helps babies' digestion, promotes the establishment of breastfeeding and reinforces the parent's feeling of confidence. What more could you ask for?

Have you noticed any other benefits that should have been named?


Clara Desjardins

Clara Desjardins has a degree in business administration with a specialty in marketing. She works in marketing, communications and customer service at Gustine. Clara likes to offer her listening and advice to parents who wish to strengthen the bonds they create with their children.

She strongly believes that babywearing is a wonderful way to create strong bonds for life. She uses her creativity and kindness to meet the needs of parents who are looking to learn more about babywearing.

Natalia Meija

Natalia Mejia is the owner and manager of Gustine baby carriers Inc. and Couture Porte-Bonheur Inc.

In addition to a diploma as a fashion designer - textile designer, she studied Human Resources Management and work methodology.

Natalia is very close to her customers and attaches great importance to the quality and safety of her baby carriers.

In order to make the best possible baby carriers for both the wearer and the baby, she obtains information and consults specialists. Their goal is to make the best baby carriers available.


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