Le porte-bébé Évolution s'est refait une beauté

The Evolution baby carrier has had a makeover

Our Gustine Evolution baby carrier has had a makeover and is better than ever. Let us introduce you, in all its splendor, to our Evolution 2.0 baby carrier.

The ideal baby carrier for families with children of different ages

The Gustine Evolution was developed to offer you the opportunity to carry your baby earlier and adapt to him as he grows. It is therefore the ideal baby carrier for families with children of different ages.

développement de l'enfant avec porte-bébé

Why choose the evolution model?

The Evolution baby carrier adapts perfectly to the shape of babies weighing 8 to 45 pounds (3.6 to 20.4 kilos). It was designed with the same quality materials as other Gustine baby carriers. Jacquard woven, it is lovingly made with our soft cotton or wonderful linen.

Unlike many adjustable baby carriers available on the market, the seat of the Gustine Evolution is completely adjustable to the desired width and height. An essential characteristic that allows you to respect your child's morphology and extend its useful life. We have added a removable hood to protect your little treasure from the cold and rain.

trois positions de portage
This baby carrier allows front carry, front carry and hip carry. It is as versatile as it is practical.

ajustement facile du porte-bébé
étapes pour installer porte-bébé

As illustrated above, the Gustine Evolution baby carrier adjusts in multiple ways to achieve maximum comfort, regardless of the age of the child or your physique.

We added buckles to the baby carrier belt

We have improved our model thanks to your many suggestions and the practical imagination of our designers. You will be happy to know that our Gustine Evolution baby carrier now has 2 small loops at the waist to attach your straps. It’s very practical for infant carrying!

So let’s talk about this addition that makes our Evolution, Evolution 2.0!

And for that, what could be better than answering the questions you frequently ask us!

 “When do you use the buckles on the belt? » 

In the “Newborn” position, for babies weighing 8 to 15 pounds (3.6 to 6.8 kilos). Belt clips are useful when the belt needs to be positioned higher than the hips to allow for optimal kissing height! You should stop using them when the adjustment of the seat causes the fabric to cover them, even partially.

“How do you use the buckles on the belt? » 

When first used, the apron fabric may be loose on the sides. If this is the case, you will need to do a little manipulation. Under the buckle of the shoulder straps located on the apron, you can easily find a small space to slide the shoulder strap into, before attaching it to the belt. This allows you to close the sides of your apron, and guide the strap so that it is as straight as possible during your adjustment. 

porte-bébé pour nouveau née

“What are the buckles on the belt for?” » 

This addition aims to reduce the pressure of the straps under the wearer's armpits. This pressure is felt when adjusting the Gustine baby carrier to carry an infant since this adjustment requires that the belt be placed higher than the wearer's natural waist. 

This addition also has the advantage of reducing pressure on baby's little back. This can happen when the straps are too tight. With a few adjustments, it is easier to obtain the ideal physiological position for the baby: round back, pelvis well tilted and knees higher than the buttocks. Buckles truly improve the life of both the wearer and the child.

“These curls are fantastic! »

It is, but we are not objective of course! We simply love the Gustine Evolution baby carrier!

If you have any questions or need help with your adjustment, do not hesitate to contact us by email at info@gustinebabycarriers.com or directly by private messaging from our Facebook page.

Also note that given the flexibility that the apron must have, the Evolution models do not have a front pocket unlike the classic models.

The Evolution model is available in  all our patterns and colors.

Happy carrying!!

mon enfant aime le porte-bébé



Natalia Meija








Natalia Mejia is the owner and manager of Gustine baby carriers Inc. and Couture Porte-Bonheur Inc.

In addition to a diploma as a fashion designer - textile designer, she studied Human Resources Management and work methodology.

Natalia is very close to her customers and attaches great importance to the quality and safety of her baby carriers.

In order to make the best possible baby carriers for both the wearer and the baby, she obtains information and consults specialists. Their goal is to make the best baby carriers available.


Cassandre Mercier-Mathurin has a degree in fashion marketing. She works in marketing at Gustine.

Cassandre enjoys helping others, both clients and colleagues. Responding to customer needs and satisfying them are great sources of motivation. Efficiency, resourcefulness, initiative, creativity, team spirit are words that describe her well.

The field of purchasing, sales, marketing and content creation are her favorites in the fashion world. Always on the lookout for new trends, she is interested in anything that could improve the happiness of babies.


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