40 dollars en don à l'achat d'un ring sling Gustine

The Lighthouse Children and Families: respite and support


As we spoke to you a few days ago, the Gustine team decided to give to the community in the coming months. As family is an essential value of our company, collaborating with the organization The Children and Families Lighthouse was a must for us. 👶👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

We are fortunate to have a wonderful community of Gustine fans, and are, for the most part, lucky to have healthy children who make us smile at life. A great opportunity to make a gesture for mothers, fathers and children who, for various reasons, have it a little more difficult than us.

Of August 1 to 31, for each babywearing lover who purchases a Mint Garden Ring Sling, Gustine will donate $40 to the organization!.💕✨

In addition to being one of the best-selling patterns at Gustine since our beginnings, the Ring Sling Jardin Menthe and its floral design is sober and sumptuous. Cindy from the Portage Double website highlighted its luxurious look. A 100% cotton Jacquard woven!


You can also offer them a donation here 👉 http://www.phare-lighthouse.com/fr/Faites-un-don


About the organization Le Phare Enfants et Familles 

The first pediatric palliative care home in Quebec, Le Phare Enfants et Familles offers children suffering from a serious illness with a fatal outcome respite stays, symptom management care, end-of-life support, as well as follow-up mourning for families.

Today, supporting nearly 300 families across Quebec, the Lighthouse offers, through Maison André-Gratton, a bright and conducive living environment so that each seriously ill child has fun until the end of the day. life.

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