Choisir Lin ou le Coton ?

Should I choose a linen or cotton baby carrier?


What are the advantages of a 100% cotton Gustine baby carrier and those of a linen Gustine baby carrier? Each has its advantages. We invite you to discover the advantages of each.

Since the release of the “Linen” collection, several mothers have questioned its advantages compared to our 100% cotton collection. For some, that’s the big question!

Of course, I would tell you that it is above all a question of taste. However, we want to help you by offering you as much information as possible about these two fibers.

Top quality fabrics

At Gustine, we only offer premium quality preformed products, using natural fibers OEKO-TEX approved. This is an integral part of our corporate values. We have therefore chosen to offer you two collections : a patterned woven collection in cotton with the jacquard weaving technique and a collection woven in plain linen canvas.

Cotton: the soft and enveloping fabric 

Cotton molds better to the baby's body and is a much softer fiber. You will also find a texture to the touch given the interweaving of the fibers. A weave that we find a little more “marshmallow” and enveloping than our linen woven.

The cotton fiber is surrounded by a thin layer of wax: the cuticle. This is what makes the fiber rough and hydrophobic. Low luster, Cotton has breathable capabilities and absorbs moisture well.  

Linen: the ideal fabric for your summer outings

Linen is a fiber that breathes much more; it is thermoregulatory and offers a certain freshness. Among other features, it dries very quickly. As linen is a fiber that tends to have more imperfections than cotton, it is normal to find small “nubs” in the weave. Don't worry, it's a really good fiber. robust !

Linen is an absorbent fiber, so it tempers the body well and creates little static. Linen is also very smooth, which gives it a bit of a shine. It hardly lints and is very little messy.

To find out more about linen baby carriers, we invite you to consult our article “ The linen baby carrier: elegant crinkle for warm weather ».


Cotton and linen baby carriers: same comfort

Well, no surprise! Unlike wraps, the comfort of a preformed will not have much variation from fiber to fiber. The pattern, adjustments and model remain the same, regardless of the Gustine baby carrier!

Whether you choose linen or cotton, the comfort and most features will be the same:

  • The shoulder straps are super padded (shoulder heaven)
  • The small padding at the thigh level (for absolute comfort for our babies)
  • The semi-rigid belt (for comfort on all occasions)

In short, you have no choice: you must have two Gustine baby carriers... 😂 one in linen for mild summer days, and one in cotton for cool winter days. 😉

We wish you portages full of happiness and kisses! 🥰

Cassandra and Natalia


Natalia Meija

Natalia Mejia is the owner and manager of Gustine baby carriers Inc. and Couture Porte-Bonheur Inc.

In addition to a diploma as a fashion designer - textile designer, she studied Human Resources Management and work methodology.

Natalia is very close to her customers and attaches great importance to the quality and safety of her baby carriers.

In order to make the best possible baby carriers for both the wearer and the baby, she obtains information and consults specialists. Their goal is to make the best baby carriers available.


Cassandre Mercier-Mathurin has a degree in fashion marketing. She works in marketing at Gustine.

Cassandre enjoys helping others, both clients and colleagues. Responding to and satisfying customer needs are great sources of motivation. Efficiency, resourcefulness, initiative, creativity, team spirit are words that describe her well.

The field of purchasing, sales, marketing and content creation are her favorites in the fashion world. Always on the lookout for new trends, she is interested in anything that could improve the happiness of babies.

Linen or cotton? We want to know your babywearing preferences and experiences.

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