manteau hiver 3 en 1

1 coat 3 ways: an essential for future and new mothers

Winter is fast approaching and brings out the need to stay warm while continuing to enjoy outdoor activities with the family. For pregnant women and new mothers, finding a winter coat that combines warmth, comfort and style can sometimes be a challenge. This is where the 3 in 1 winter coat from Gustine Baby enters the scene, positioning itself as an essential for facing the cold while being elegant and practical for winter activities.

An investment that lasts over time

You have just heard the good news... You are pregnant! Congratulations!!! You are starting your search for a winter coat for your pregnancy, but you don't want to spend a fortune on a coat that you will only use for a few months. Gustine has the solution for you! A 3 in 1 winter coat which can be used during pregnancy, after pregnancy as a babywearing coat and what's more, it transforms into a regular coat to be used for several years!

This revolutionary coat is not just ordinary outerwear, but a complete solution for pregnant women and new mothers who want to stay active during the winter months. Equipped with a special extension for carrying and pregnancy, the 3 in 1 winter coat from Gustine Baby adapts to all stages of maternity.

When baby is born, you can continue to enjoy the joys of winter by putting your coat over your baby carrier. We recommend our Evolution preformed baby carrier in linen which is a must-have for babywearing beginners and which will be appreciated by both mom and dad for its simplicity.

The 3-in-1 winter coat extender is adjustable to fit children of different sizes, providing unparalleled versatility. Whether you carry your baby in the front or back, this coat is designed to fit perfectly, ensuring optimal comfort for mom and baby. To carry your child on your back, simply install the coat extension on the back, and that's it!

manteau hiver 3 en 1

Beyond pregnancy

What really sets this coat apart is its ability to grow with you. The 3 in 1 Winter Coat is not only a maternity coat, but can also be worn without a baby carrier or extender. This means that even after pregnancy, it remains a valuable investment to face the coming winters as a family.

Its ingenious design allows it to be worn before, during and after pregnancy, making it a trusted companion for all stages of a mother's life.

Comfort and warmth guaranteed 

Comfort is a top priority with the Gustine Baby 3-in-1 Winter Coat. Made in Quebec, this coat combines style and functionality. It is waterproof and lined with two layers of fleece, offering ultimate protection against winter weather. Just like the Winter Coat, the 3 in 1 Poncho Cover is also an essential to keep your child warm from 0 to 6 years old!

The soft fabric of the coat allows freedom of movement without compromising warmth, providing a pleasant clothing experience even on the coldest days. The feminine cut adds a touch of style, showing that fashion can coexist perfectly with motherhood.

An ethical choice 

By choosing the 3 in 1 winter coat from Gustine Baby, you are also opting for an ethical choice. Made in Quebec, this coat supports the local economy and guarantees exceptional quality. Choosing local products not only helps preserve the environment, but also supports businesses in your community.


In summary, the Gustine Baby 3 in 1 Winter Coat is not just a coat, it is a complete solution for pregnant women and new mothers who want to stay stylish while being active. Its versatility, unrivaled comfort, and superior quality make it essential for the winter season. Don't let the cold compromise your style or well-being, invest in the coat that will grow with you and your child. Get your hands on your winter companion now by clicking here.


Choose the size of your coat with this video!

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