Sac l'Indispensable | Coton

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Souvenir grenat
Sky 2 Charcoal

Garnet: The perfect model for colorful wearers! A warm color and a springtime pattern, this is certainly a model that will brighten up your outfit.

The Indispensable! Our little fanny pack that you can wear in so many ways. Why did we name it that? Because it is, ESSENTIAL...! A little all-purpose bag that you can wear on your waist, under your arm, on a baby carrier, on your hip, etc.! The possibilities are endless. What is it for? To hold all your essentials! Thanks to it you can have everything you or your baby needs at hand!

Fashion accessory, mom accessory and carrying accessory... It's all of the above! You can match it with our cape for a perfect and practical set.