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Conversion | Gustine - Gustine Baby Carriers

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You would like to convert your beautiful scarf into a preformed one: it’s here!

Lead times are 10 to 15 days for the manufacture of your product. You will receive an email when your package is sent with a tracking number. We work with Purolator.

FILL : You can download the form directly by clicking on the link below.


Print this form and include it with your scarf.

If there are 2 participants in the conversion, attach the two printed forms with sending the scarf. Each) of participants must to book your own place, with your contact details, email, etc. : enter it on your form.

Package and mail your scarf at your expense to the address below.

Gustine Baby Carriers
574 Boulevard Guimond, J4G 1P8, Longueuil, Quebec


We are happy to offer you the conversion service which consists of transforming a sling into a Gustine baby carrier. This service includes cutting, making, the materials necessary for making, as well as delivery costs for the return of your product to Quebec territory.

Scarf size for: Evolution, Toddler

We can make 1 baby carrier with 2.4 yards of fabric having a width of 26 inches and above and 2 baby carriers with a size 6 or 7. When we make 2 baby carriers, you have to pay twice the shipping fee. conversion. Please note that we do not offer the making of accessories such as caps or others. The hood option is not available for the Evolution or Toddler size.

Scarf size for: Preschool

You must have at least 2.5 meters of fabric.
The height of your apron will be the full width of your scarf. So if your sash measures 26 inches with the edges open, the height of your apron will be 26 inches. The hood option is not available for the Preschool size.

Scarf size for: Mini Gustine

In case you want to make a Mini-Gustine, 0.8 meters of excess fabric is necessary. Please contact us for a Mini Gustine conversion.

Scarf size for : Ring Sling (GOLD - BLACK - SILVER ring)

To make a Ring Sling, at least 2.5 meters of scraps are required. Please contact us for a Ring Sling conversion.

Sling Size for: Suspender Guard

In the majority of cases, the scraps are sufficient to make sling guards.

Excess scraps of your fabric will be returned to you with your baby carrier.

Terms and conditions

The manufacturing of our baby carriers has been laboratory approved according to the ASTM F2236-16a standard. However, Gustine baby carriers inc cannot be held responsible for the quality and resistance of the fabrics provided by participants.

By confirming your purchase, you accept that the resistance of the fabric used is your responsibility and not that of Gustine baby carriers Inc. As your sling is already used, please know that we work as best we can to make your Gustine look like new!

In this regard, only woven fabrics will be eligible for conversions and Gustine baby carriers inc reserves the right to refuse to make a conversion if the fabric shows signs of wear upon receipt.

For any special requests or information, please contact us at or 438-223-3238

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